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Text Box:            Lancaster County Zoning & Building Permit Officials Association

                                                          Meeting Minutes

                                                             July 16, 2013

East Lampeter Township Municipal Building

2250 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA  17602



Lori McEntarfer, President                             Lititz Borough

Mike Tuscan, Vice President                           Millersville Borough

Tony Luongo                                                   East Cocalico Township

Samuel Maurer                                               Manheim Township

Wayne Miller                                                    West Donegal Township

David Eggert                                                    Rapho Township

Jodi Grove                                                        West Hempfield Township

Maria Campbell                                               Colerain Township

Harry Smith                                                      Penn Township

Jeff Helm                                                            Columbia Borough

Nancy Lengle                                                    East Donegal Township

Brian Miller                                                       Penn Township

Tom Zorbaugh                                                 Warwick Township

Nick Lopez                                                         Paradise Township

Stacie Gibbs                                                       Mount Joy Borough

Ken Barto                                                           Mount Joy Borough

Candie Johnson                                                Manheim Borough

Damian Clawser                                               Salisbury Township

Tom Daniels                                                      Lancaster Township

Tara Hitchens                                                   East Lampeter Township 


Josele Cleary, Esq.                                           Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell & Kane PC


President McEntarfer called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. 


The minutes of the May 21, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved on a Smith/Eggert motion.  


In Secretary/Treasurer Horton’s absence, Vice President Tuscan presented Treasurer Report #07162013.  One member (Manheim Borough) paid their 2013 dues, bringing the ending balance to $7,484.42.  Currently 27 member municipalities have paid their 2013 dues totalling $540.00.  President McEntarfer opened the floor for questions or comments. The report was approved with no objections. 


Committee Chairperson Smith introduced Josele Cleary, Esq. of Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell & Kane, PC to the membership to discuss recent developments in zoning law (2013).  Ms. Cleary provided a handout to the membership and expounded upon the items within the handout.  Various Acts were discussed, including an amendment to Act 46.   In essence, any permit or approval issued after July 2, 2013 is subject to the time period for expiration in the ordinance.  A permit issued prior to July 2 is valid until at least July 1, 2016.  Act 97 requires municipalities provide written notice to the school district superintendent for residential developments and proposed number of children.  Act 154 was amended to provide developers with more powers to challenge review fees and inspection fees.  Act 36 requires amendments to a Zoning Ordinance and zoning map be forwarded to any landowner of mineral rights who makes the request.  Act 191 states that an application for replacement, co-location or modification of a wireless telecommunications facility or support structure will not be subject to zoning or land use approvals beyond the initial approvals issued.  And finally, Act 167, requires storm water provisions for all buildings and structures, no matter the size, approved by the County based on DEP requirements.  The Act was initially written without exemptions, but pushback is necessitating a closer look by the County.  Currently, the County is seeking confirmation from DEP pertaining to waivers for placement of small structures.  A model Ordinance is available through the County’s web site. 


Programs Committee:                                             Harry Smith, Chairperson

Programs Committee Chairperson Smith deferred to President McEntarfer, who read the agenda and menu for the joint meeting on September 17.  A brief discussion ensued about November’s topic of unusual on-the-job experiences of the group.   

Hospitality Committee:                                          Karen Zaporozec, Chairperson

In Hospitality Committee Chairperson Zaporozec’s absence, President McEntarfer thanked Tom Daniels of Lancaster Township for the snacks.  She encouraged those who had not donated to consider doing so for future meetings and contact Hospitality Committee Chairperson Zaporozec, Lebanon City.  

Website & Membership Committee:                     Lori McEntarfer, Chairperson

All information for the joint meeting will be posted on the web site, including directions to Masonic Village.  President McEntarfer continues to update memberships as they are received.  The membership was reminded to reach out to non-active colleagues as listed on the membership report and encourage them to attend the next Association meeting. 


Questions about the joint meeting are to be forwarded to President McEntarfer. 


Marcia Campbell of Light-Heigel presented several topics for continuing education.  By show of hands, the group chose two half-day courses, “BCO 114: Dealing with Devastation: How to Effectively Plan for your Township’s Response” and “BCO 115: Uniform Construction Code Enforcement Actions.”  Both courses afford 3 continuing education credits each.  Campbell is going to pick a date in October and schedule the courses.  They will be offered on the PSATS web site and to our York counterparts.  The date will also be posted on the web site, 


President McEntarfer provided a compilation of the most recent question for Zoning Office participation pertaining to dumpsters, fees and placement.


President McEntarfer adjourned the meeting at 10:30 am. The next Association meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 9:00 am at Masonic Village, Three Loaves Café, One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA  17022.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Lori McEntarfer,



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